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Albert Lee - Discography

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Albert Lee - Hiding - 1979

Country Boy; Billy Tyler; Are You Wasting My Time; Now And Then It's Gonna Rain; On A Real Good Night; Setting Me Up; Ain't Livin' Long Like This; Hiding; Hotel Love; Come Up And See Me Anytime

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - 1982

Sweet little Lisa; Radio girl; Your boys; So sad (to watch good love go bad); Rock'n roll man; Real wild child (wild one); On the boulevard; Pink bedroom; The best I can; One way rider

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Albert Lee

Albert Lee - Country Guitar Man

Jack Of All Trades; Meal Ticket; I Won't Let You Down; Soft Word Sunday Morning; One Woman; Just Another Ambush; Stripes; Taking My Music To The Man; Another Useless Day

Dank an Melanie für das Cover und die Tracks :-)

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - Speechless

T-Bird To VegasM; Bullish Boogie; Seventeenth; Summer; Salt Creek; Arkansas Traveller; Cannonball; Romany Rye; Erin

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - Gagged But Not Bound - 1987

Flowers of Edinburgh; Don't Let Go; Midnight Special; Tiger Rag; Forty Miles of Bad Road; Fun Ranch Boogie; Walkin' After Midnight; Schön Rosmarin; Country Gentleman; Monte Nido; Oklahoma Stroke

Dank an Gudrun für das Cover :-)

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - Black Claw & Country Fever

That's Alright Mama, What A Stupid Thing To Do, Best I Can, Send Me Back To The Mines, The Fool (With Strings), Another Useless Day, Six Days On The Road, Good Times, St. Louis, Brother Preacher, Country In Harlem, Look Out Cleveland, Tears Of Range, Mama Come Get Your Baby Boy, Memphis Street, Long Gone; Too Much Of Nothing, Rocky Top, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here, Mama Tried, Lay Lady Lay, The Fool

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - Real Wild Child

Sweet Little Lisa;Radio Girl; Your Boys; So Sad ( To Watch Good Love Go Bad ); Rock 'n' Roll Man; Real Wild Child ( Wild One ); On The Boulevard; Pink Bedroom; The Best I Can; One Way Rider; Ain't Got No Reason

Dank an Markus für die Trackliste :-)

Albert Lee - Undiscovered (Compilation)

Undiscovered, Long gone, Too much of nothing, Mama tried, Rocky top Tennessee, Country in Harlem, Lay lady lay, Memphis streets, Tears of rage, Tje victim, Tonight I'll be staying here with you, Mama come get your baby boy, That's all right Mama, Best I can, The fool, Send me back to the mines, Six days on the road, Walkin' shoes, Mama tried, The fool, St. Louis, Look out Cleveland, Bullfrog, All about you, Freedom for the stallion

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - I Just Wanna Go Home, Love Is

Stormy, On The Back Seat Of Your Car, Love Bites, Angel Of The Morning, If God Was A Woman, You're Out Of My Life, Funny, Something On My Mind, Bright Lights, Oh Love, Wandering Home, Rosie's Cantina, If You Love Me Let Me Know

Albert Lee
Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes  Trackliste fehlt, wer kann helfen?  

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Albert Lee - Live & In Full Flight

Intro; Sweet Little Lisa; Just Because; Evangelina; One Way Rider; Cannon Ball; Seventeenth Summer; The Highwayman; Real Wild Child; Restless; Pink Bedroom; Country Boy; Tear Stained Letter


Albert lee

Albert Lee - Tear It Up

I'm ready; Rock around with Ollie Vee; Take your time; Back in the USA; Last date; On the rebound; Jitterbug boogie; If you see me getting smaller; Gone too long; Luxury liner; Country comfort; Singing the blues; 'Til I gain control; Tear it up; Down to the wire

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - Heartbreak Hill

Heartbreak Hill; Heaven Only Knows; If I Needed You; Born To Run; Luxury Liner; In My Dreams; Two More Bottles Of Wine; 'Til I Gain Control Again; One Of These Days; Bluebird Wine.

Albert Lee

Albert Lee - No Introduction Necessary

Lovin' up a Storm; Everything I Do Is Wrong; Think It Over; Boll Weevil; Livin' Lovin' Wreck; One Long Kiss; Dixie Fried; Down the Line; Fabulous; Breathless; Rave On; Lonely Weekend; Burn Up; Everyday

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Albert Lee - No Introduction Necessary nur mit anderem Titel und ohne Albert Lee auf dem Cover

Albert Lee – Roadrunner

(I'm a) Road runner, I'll stop loving you, Rock of your love, Julie's house, Didn't start livin', The moon is a harsh mistress, Livin' it down, Working on love, Payola blues, Dimming of the day

Albert Lee – Roadrunner

Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes – Live At The New Morning

I'm Ready; Let It Roll; Rock Around With Ollie Vee; On The Boulevard; Restless; Take Your Time; Tiger Rag; Last Date; On The Rebound; Highwayman; Real Wild Child; Just Because; Evangelina; Pink Bedroom; If You See Me Getting Smaller; Country Comfort; One Way Rider; Singin' The Blues; 'Til I Gain Control Again; Country Boy; So Sad; Tear It Up

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Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes – Live At The New Morning

Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes – Like This


Skip Rope Song, Can Your Grandpa Rock And Roll Like This, Leave My Woman Alone, On The Verge, I'm Comin' Home, Runaway Train, I'll Never Get Over You, Barnyard Boogie, Two Step Too, Why Me?, Pearl Of The Quarter, Breathless, Crying In The Rain, Rad Gumbo

Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes – Like This

Albert Leeeric Clapton

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